Mangrove Maze


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On the southeast end of the island of Key West is a protected mangrove forest that is still relatively unspoiled by development where you get up close and personal with how the Keys looked a long long time ago.

The Mangroves are a species of trees that grow in salt water.  They don’t  require land for nutrients and they have the ability to extract fresh water from the sea water.  Mangroves grow into thick convoluted forests with tangled root systems that naturally form winding paths that can be kayaked through.  The roots of these unique forests are the nursery ground for many of our reef fish and invertebrates while the dense forestry area is home to a wide variety of birds. As we pass through the heart of this magical forests we enter a new world where two separate worlds exist as one.

Queen Conch

The paddle trip itself is at an easy pace and good for beginner paddlers as well as the more experienced.  The kayaks we use are sit on top singles or doubles that can be paddled as a tandem or single.

Discover a breath taking world filled with bio diversity that exists in the heart of Key West!

What you need
A bathing suit, a towel, & a smile!

2 hour tour $45 per person
3 hour private tour $55 per person
Credit cards welcomed. 

Daily trip departures
Morning 10:00am
Afternoon 1:00pm and 3:00pm
Sunset 5:00pm note: time varies with season

Departure point
Cow Key Marina
5001 5th Avenue
Key West, FL 33040

The Mangrove and Salt Pond tour is a very easy paddle tour.  Most of the trip is in protected waters away from the winds and seas.  It’s a great chance to see some wildlife and learn a bit about the history and biology of the Florida Keys.