Snorkel trips to our Barrier Reef

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Nov 082013

Snorkel Trips to our Barrier Reef areas are an amazing retreat to another world.


Watch jacks, sergeant majors, and yellowtail snapper swim about curiously while barracuda and rays sit motionless on the sandy bottom. A beautiful place to see filled with amazing creatures, a fragile and brilliant ecosystem most people never get a chance to experience.


When the weather is right hop on the skiff for a custom trip to one of our off the beaten path snorkel destinations. We will gear you up with mask, snorkel, fins, and a pool noodle or life jacket if you so please. Beginners need not worry, our staff will brief you on safety, be in the water with you, and bring you to locations to see brilliant colors, schools of fish, and healthy living reef. Experienced snorkelers/free divers don’t be afraid to call, we have some amazing deep water locations we love to visit as well.


Windy Conditions but still beautiful in the grove

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Nov 052013

Whoooosh! Blustery winds in Key west this week but we aren’t going to let that spoil our fun. It may be blowing thirty miles an hour but it’s only a rustle in the canopy in our beautiful Mangrove Maze. We had a couple of great guests come out with us and explore the amazing mangrove jungle. We spooked a few little blue herons hiding out in the trees, and said hello to a couple mangrove tree crabs upon entering the maze. A great highlight was seeing about a dozen migrating hawks soaring over the canal, searching for a meal and a spot to rest before heading back up to the mainland. New moon currents worked in our favor today, slowing us down when the wind was blowing and helping us fight it on the way back. We welcomed home by a flock of frigate birds soaring majestically with wind currents, never flapping a wing. Nothing beats a windy day like great customers, great attitudes, and a spark of a little adventure.

Kayak Repairs

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Aug 182013

Kayak KIngs is now doing kayak repairs.  Need a hole fixed, a broken handle replaced, or new deck hardware?   Bring your kayak to us for a free estimate.  Let’s see if we can save that old kayak and make it usable again.

Phone: 305 896-9006

How Did You Spend Your Monday Morning?…

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Nov 052012

We went on a kayak tour of the Mangroves and the Salt Ponds.  Weather was just about right, water was clear.  A beautiful day to go paddling.  Here are some shots to make you jealous…

This is an easy trip for anyone interested in seeing a part of Key West that few know about.  Book your tour today.  Just fill out the form below and we will be in touch.

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    Welcome to Kayak Kings of Key West…

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    Aug 212012

    Kayak Kings of Key West provides guide kayak tours in the waters around the island.  We currently offer daily trips to Wisteria Island of the north west end of Key West, a mangrove tour of the south east end, and kayak fishing trips.  Click any of the links above to see more information on pricing and details of each tour.  Come and take a kayak trip with Kayak Kings of Key West while you are here on the island.  It’s fun and healthy.

    305 896-9006

    or email:

    Thanks and we’ll see you on the water.