Kayak Kings Rental Motto:
“Go Have fun bring it back when your done”

We are also very happy to point you in the right direction so you get the most of your experience!

We offer kayak rentals to experienced kayakers only. Most of our rentals are sit on top singles and tandems (2 person). We don’t want you watching a clock, so we charge a flat rate of $25 per person. We also rent dry bags, small coolers and kayak anchors for $5 each. Snorkel gear rental is available $10 per set. You can take a kayak out for 2 hours or the entire day and the rate stays the same. We have 17′ sit in touring kayaks (great for the explorer). We also have awesome fishing kayaks, however these are a little more money. Back country and fishing guides available for hire. We ask that you return the kayaks and gear before sunset.
If you want a kayak for a week call and we can discuss it.
Any questions please call…

Happy Kayaking!