Windy Conditions but still beautiful in the grove

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Nov 052013

Whoooosh! Blustery winds in Key west this week but we aren’t going to let that spoil our fun. It may be blowing thirty miles an hour but it’s only a rustle in the canopy in our beautiful Mangrove Maze. We had a couple of great guests come out with us and explore the amazing mangrove jungle. We spooked a few little blue herons hiding out in the trees, and said hello to a couple mangrove tree crabs upon entering the maze. A great highlight was seeing about a dozen migrating hawks soaring over the canal, searching for a meal and a spot to rest before heading back up to the mainland. New moon currents worked in our favor today, slowing us down when the wind was blowing and helping us fight it on the way back. We welcomed home by a flock of frigate birds soaring majestically with wind currents, never flapping a wing. Nothing beats a windy day like great customers, great attitudes, and a spark of a little adventure.