Snorkel trips to our Barrier Reef

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Nov 082013

Snorkel Trips to our Barrier Reef areas are an amazing retreat to another world.


Watch jacks, sergeant majors, and yellowtail snapper swim about curiously while barracuda and rays sit motionless on the sandy bottom. A beautiful place to see filled with amazing creatures, a fragile and brilliant ecosystem most people never get a chance to experience.


When the weather is right hop on the skiff for a custom trip to one of our off the beaten path snorkel destinations. We will gear you up with mask, snorkel, fins, and a pool noodle or life jacket if you so please. Beginners need not worry, our staff will brief you on safety, be in the water with you, and bring you to locations to see brilliant colors, schools of fish, and healthy living reef. Experienced snorkelers/free divers don’t be afraid to call, we have some amazing deep water locations we love to visit as well.